Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rafael Products on Showcase at Aero India 2011

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems provides its clients with a full range of solutions for locating, detecting, identifying and neutralizing threats as well as pin-point solutions. They have confirmed following exhibits for Aero India 2011.

Among the Advanced defense solutions Rafael will display:

* IRON DOME: All weather mobile defense solution for countering short range rockets and
artillery shells. It can address threats at ranges up to 70 km.
* IMILIE: Cost effective multi-source, multi-task imagery intelligence system. It receives, exploits
and processes multiple imagery and data. It is also capable of disseminating intelligence to authorized end users and clients.
* SPYDER SR/MR: SPYDER family of air defense systems is capable of engaging and destroying a wide variety of threats faced on a modern battlefield. Threats addressed include PGMs, stand-
off weapons, cruise missiles, UAVs, helicopters and aircrafts.
* STUNNER: Interceptor for David’s Sling system, Stunner offers affordable solution to the asymmetric threat of short-range ballistic missiles, large caliber rockets and cruise missiles.
* PYTHON 5: Full- Sphere 5th generation air-to-air missile, it offers excellent resistance to countermeasures.
* DERBY: Already in service with Indian Navy Sea Harrier fleet, Derby offers all weather performance.
* SPICE 1000/2000: SPICE family of guidance kits can be used to convert conventional bombs into stand-off autonomous weapon system with high accuracy.
* SPIKE FAMILY: Tactical Precision Missile family spanning across various platforms like helicopters, LCV and naval platforms.
* GLOBAL LINK: Real Time Data Processing and Distribution System.
* RAVNET300: Communication Digital Network Solution for Existing Radios.
* LITE SHIELD – Electronic Attack Pod for Close Protection and Escort Jamming.

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