Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ex-Indradhanush: Final phase of Indo – UK Ex-Indradhanush begins, over 120 missions flown so far

The final phase of Indo-UK Air Exercise Indradhanush began today i.e. on 28 Oct 2010 at AF Station Kalaikunda with increased number of launches and full scale Large Force Engagement (LFE) missions. So far over 120 missions of the exercise have already been flown successfully achieving the mission objectives.

Ex Indradhanush joint air exercise between The IAF and RAF (Royal Air Force) began on 18 Oct 2010 at Kalaikunda Airbase in West Midnapur district, West Bengal . The flying missions commenced on 20 Oct, with aim to enhance mutual operational understanding and refine the procedures. The RAF is participating with its Eurofighters, VC-10 mid air refuellers and E 3 D Sentry Airborne Early warnings and control systems (AWACS). The IAF on the other hand has fielded the SU 30s, Mirage 2000s, Mig-27s and the newly acquired AWACS which are taking part in a Joint exercise for the first time.

In the final phase of the exercise a large number of aircraft in offensive and defensive roles are expected to be launched in ‘Waves’ in a limited airspace. The AWACS of both the air forces would also be launched, and with large no of aircraft in a limited airspace the skills of both fighter pilots and the controllers would be put to test. Thus the extent of difficulty would be a few notches up than the previous phases of Ex Indrdhanush.

The High value Air Asset (HVAA) protection missions would also be carried out simultaneously drawing a large number of aircraft of participating forces together, increasing the challenge further more. The exercise Indradhanush 2010 would conclude on 03 Nov 2010.

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