Saturday, December 4, 2010

Northrop Grumman Air Force KC-X was abandoned, Boeing likely rising by withdrawal

Northrop Grumman to buy on March 8 for the U.S. Air Force KC-X tanker competition, EADS North America does not support the Company no longer participate virtually abandoned by announcing in a year and a half down from heaven to hell was an experience.

Northrop Grumman to buy 68 units in February 2008 as the primary delivery of next-generation aerial tanker competition has been won. Northrop at a 184 million dollar per KC-45 tanker aircraft, including R & D to supply 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, but in August the same year as Boeing's protest is the plan collapsed.

After reviewing the various conditions since last February 24 that the U.S. Department of KC-X request for proposals (RFP) to announce the participation requirement, but eventually developed, based on Boeing's 767 fixed RFP for a small gas reported that Northrop and has decided to boycott.

KC-X plans to first 179 cars to replace the KC-135 is preparing for a budget of $ 3,500,000,000. I was alone with the U.S. Air Force Boeing fait accompli against qualified to negotiate the price and performance problems that have been embraced, the external friction between the EU will be unable to avoid,If EADS and Northrop to leave without any regrets, except in cooperation with other U.S. companies likely to participate, but due to the current economic crisis is likely to nationalistic atmosphere of the good times can not be seen.

Somehow KC-45's round was developed based on the A330-200 Airbus A330 MRTT (KC-30) and Royal Australian Air Force 5, the Royal Air Force 14, UAE Air Force 3, Royal Saudi Air Force has six, while comparable to the final order The Boeing KC-767 and four units of Italy and Japan, respectively, have been ordered, i dont have an Italian Air Force specifications for four public has not supplied, it central to the rear fuselage boom and hose-drogue combination mounted under the wing jaegeupyusiseutemgwa hose-drogue wingpod flight refueling systems, and others result of a complex system equipped with a wing to the "flutter" phenomena have been discovered, because it does not resolve. India late last year to No. 4 while completing the delivery of Japan's refueling boom on the rear fuselage, the center has just installed.
Northrop Grumman / EADS KC-45 and Airbus A330 MRTT (KC-30) was developed based on the Aerial Refuelling Boom System (ARBS) and a juikha Cobham 905E refueling pods on the fuselage 1 2 gaemit Cobham 805E Fuselage Refuelling Unit (FRU ) to attach.

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