Monday, February 28, 2011

IAF MiG-29 Upgrade Program

IAF's first upgraded MiG-29 took to air a couple of days back in Russia as part of MiG-29 Upgradation program to increase the capability and service life of these frontline jets which were inducted into the IAF in 1980's. The first image of the MiG clearly shows a hump on its back which probably houses new and much more advance EWS (Electronic Warfare System). As part of the upgradation program the MiG-29 will receive following additions:

# New Engines: The existing RD-33 engines will be replaced by the upgraded RD-33 Series 3 engines which will be manufactured by HAL (Deal to mfg 120 units was signed in 2005). These engines boast a engine life of 2000hrs along with BARK-88 FADEC and KSU-941UB Removed control system.

# New Radar: A new radar will be installed replacing the older Phazotron RLPK-29. The new radar is Zhuk M2E which is a slot array radar and not a PESA. It will have a faster processor, allowing it to classify targets by type (for instance, fighters, bombers and helicopters) and to break-out formation targets flying at 20-30 meters apart. The radar can also be programmed to identify aircraft by type – in the case of a new type, it can record its reflected signal and later use it for identification. (Aviation Week)

# New sighting and targeting system: The MiG-29 will get UOMZ's KOLS-13SM FLIR, Sh-3UM-1 Helmet Mounted Integrated Targeting system.

# New Ejection Seat: The existing ejection seats will be replaced with the K-36 D made by Zvezda.

# Other Systems: BKTsO Digital signal processor, BTsVM-90/BTsVM-486-2 (onboard computer), L-150NU (passive guiding missiles station), SVR video recording system, KARAT-B whole recording system, BINS-SP navigation system with GPS, A-053 radio-altmeter, MS-2 voice warning system.

The program also includes purchase of more missile, rockets, bombs and external fuel tanks. Notably it includes R-77 missiles which have range of 80kms and 160kms however it is not known which one India is getting.

Image: IAF Mig-29 with Serial Number KBU-3301 (Changed from KB-3301)

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