Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OPERATION ODYSSEY DAWN: Odyssey Dawn is waiting in a Spanish base in Italy to support the Air Force EF-18A Hornet

Spanish Air Force EF-18A fighter Sigonella air base in Italy is preparing refueling sorties.

Being applied to the two Libyan fighter planes based on the UN Security Council 1973 no-fly zone wirae defense command and control operations for the U.S. Task force Odyssey Dawn is being performed and is performing duties as a member of Spanish EF-18A 60 's and the EF-18B 12 units bokjwahyeongin introduced. Bangs "E" Spain "EspaƱa" Spain's weak C.15 and CE.15 Air Force is a cult people.

Spain from 22 November 1985 to begin deliveries to the Air Force. The aircraft are F-18A + / B + specifications are upgraded F/A-18C/D Navy mission to the specifications as closely gaesudoen armed computers, data bus, data, new alarm system, the number of pylons and S / W improvements , AN/AAS-38B NITE Hawk FLIR targeting pod, and application of what is installed.

Spain in 1995 introduced the F/A-18A Hornet, while 6 to 24 additional units is the key. Two jets in India since 1995, which forty-two December 1999, the number of EF-18A + specification is. USS Hornet fighter of the surplus is the first overseas sales practices.

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