Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OPERATION ODYSSEY DAWN: 3000 miles round-trip flight to and participated in the Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 strike Libya

Royal Air Force in Norfolk, England - Tornado GR4 fighter-bombers to attack Libya was March 20.

March 19 two fighter-bombers took off at dawn in the dark base Brize Norton in
Oxfordshire base position of the VC-10 aerial refueling tanker aircraft receive from the
flying 3,000 miles of riparian Libyan air defenses and then return to base was attacked.

Are ready to take off on March 19 Air Force Tornado GR4 fighter.

UN Security Council Resolution 1973 Libya decided in consultation to save the British
no-fly zone was involved Tornado MR4 Sweeten the Storm Shadow cruise missiles used
officially announced that the British Defense Ministry spokesman from the British Royal
Navy Trafalgar class submarine Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAM) has confirmed there
was a fire.

Tornado MR4 bombers flying 3,000 miles to perform a bombing mission during the Falklands
conflict since Operation Black Buck missions flight was the longest for the VC10 and
Tristar It conducted aerial refueling tanker.

The E-3D Sentry AWACS, Sentinel battlefield surveillance and reconnaissance support
missions Typhoon fighter escort missions have also.

The Tornado fighter-bombers and II (AC) Squadron, to paint, but the pilot apparently was known to be inwonin bases Marham, Tornado fighter-bombers, which collapsed due to a
determined mood to deutdo. (Commons by Global News Agency (GNA)

And receive refueling in flight toward the Libyan bomber Tornado MR4 .

VC10 and Tristar air refueling tankers for fighter-bombers to the Tornado MR4 appearances.

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